Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]
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Updates [Old ones]

04.12.05 :: Kikkyou gets a complete revamp of how it works, now running with truer phpness.  All old individual file links will be broken, as everything has been reorganized and steamlined, as you'll see when you begin to browse the site and look at files. (image.php now serves all the images.) Also, you'll find I chopped the old updates page down so that now it's only for 2004... as it was getting HUGE. All these changes will make updating and adding new things, doing different layouts later, etc. easier and maybe more efficient for me. Thank you all for coming!

A special thank to the love of my life, Ryan, for making this new method possible. Without your help I'd've have not gotten all this working at all... since I knew NOTHING of SQL tables or too much PHP at all.

04.11.29 :: New art in Original.  I consider Gaia avatar art original stuff, anyway, as it's not really far art.  X_x  Will fix all the titles in the galleries eventually as well, and tweak everything to match the change back.

04.11.28 :: Updated the site layout, etc. No new art... haven't been too enthralled with ideas/liked my work enough.  Perhaps soon though. ;)  My hands haven't been TOO idle. Well, one major change; I changed the name back to Kikkyou and just that. Why?  Because I found myself calling it Kikkyou too much despite changing it.  SO back we go.

04.01.23 :: ONE update - new art in the Original Gallery... which means update on Crystara too.   An actual DESIGN for Mintaka K. Angora... not his Crystal Controller uniform.  Nothing else new really, though I am considering making this for shortness... but is just... ell, been here and I also HATE to lose stats.  :x  If I get a top-level domain, then maybe.  Otherwise... no.

Mmm, yes, and the "resue" site should be up eventually soon... *gears cranking*  >:D

(04.01.29 :: Added 1 link on Links page - Moody Head... <3 ... not worth a full page update.  ...)

04.01.04 :: Happy New Year, everyone!  As you can see, Kikkyou is now called Monochromatic Butterfly.  (Kikkyou is it's subtitle though, so I can get away with still calling it Kikkyou... hehehe).  See the FAQ for the longer talk on it if you're curious.  New banners (feel free to take a new one) ... same URL though.  :D It's not because I'm lazy, it's because I like it.  Plus then it still comes to the same place always.  Unless I buy a seperate domain name for this... no.  No URL changes.

The ONLY appreciable update was in Gift - added my first gouache piece, a christmas gift to my finacé.

Minor sprucing up elsewhere as well.  And be surprised... I am using WARM COLORS... o_O It kinda matches up with Illusions now, and also... it defies winter.  And lastly... it's an art deco-ish color ot me... which the font above kind of invokes. *chuckles* To me at least.  XP

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou (All artwork, site design, and content not attributed to others) is copyright 2000-2004, D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be reused/receated without permission.