Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]
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Original Art Gallery

(Steal these and die... or at least suffer.)

These are all creations I came up with, or otherwise NOT a fanart.  (Crystara is my creation, therefore its not fanart.) These I *really* don't want elsewhere. It really depends on the reason.  (The only way they'll be elsewhere is express permissin for something, or its ME doing it.) And Elfwood in some cases.  ^^; *nods*

Thumbnails in order, newest at the top left, oldest to the bottom right.

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou (All artwork, site design, and content not attributed to others) is copyright 2000-2004, D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be reused/receated without permission.