Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]
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Welcome to Kikkyou, D. 'Mintaka' Peal's artfolio/art site on the web dedicated to the artist within.

Navigation is to the left - the boxes on the far left are links to my domain, and two related sites to Kikkyou.  Main site navigation is on the right side of Rana.  The top 7 are galleries, the bottom seven are other site related things.  Hover over them to see what they are.


05.01.13 :: Anotehr Original Art, and happy new year all! No, links are still quite broken.  D:  Haven't gotten to that just yet.

04.12.17 :: New Original art. :3 Need to resort links section -- badly!

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou (All artwork, site design, and content not attributed to others) is copyright 2000-2004, D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be reused/receated without permission.