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Welcome to Halcyonic, the tutorial side of Monochromatic Butterfly/Kikkyou.  This is maintained and created by D. "Mintaka" Peal who also is the maintainer and creator of Monochromatic Butterfly/Kikkyou. The only things here will be tutorials by me. Soon I will start taking "requests" for things you would like to see a tutorial on about Painter.

Yes - Painter.  I use Painter 7 a lot, and I rarely see anyone cover the program's uses and sides.  So, thus, I am making one.  How I use it, things you can do in general coloring, etc.  Don't ask me how to draw X thing, because I probably won't know anymore then you.  I don't cover technical aspects of figures or animals - I have enough time with them myself. If I feel upto covering one of those types of topics, I will, but I would rather dedicate this around the use of Painter and some of my prefered methods.

Also I will touch on other important matters to artists.

I will always ask that you try to make anything you learn here your own, and not to "copy" my style - be creative and inventive, and use what I show ot do your own thing.  This will not magically teach you how to color well, or anything.  I cannot explain every detail of how I work - a lot is related to pressure of my stylus on the tablet, and other things I don't focus on or can explain.

Explore, learn, and create.

-D. "Mintaka" Peal