Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]
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Kikkyou 14.0 design, content, etc. [unless otherwise noted] © D. Mintaka Peal [Crystara Studios].  The image on the splash page is from "Abition" by D. "Mintaka" Peal (in orginal gallery).

:: In case you're wondering about copyright.  This backs my reasoning on why stealing art is bad.  :P

Monochromatic Butterfly?  But I thought this was Kikkyou!!

It is.  New year (2004), new name.  Kikkyou became the subtitle, and, well, since Illusions of Paradise is now a subsite that title may be finally retired from the job. I happen to like the new name, but it's still Kikkyou in my heart.  MC is a bit easer on the memory, and a lot less likely to have pronunciation issues. ;) This doesn't mean that all the layouts will be this ... monochromatic-like.  And if you're wondering, this was actually spawned from Monochromatic Rainbow, opposites like what Kikkyou means (see below) - blus buterflies are really colorful.  (And, admittedly, butterflies from both a shot of Delerium early in Death: At Death's Door manga letter butterflies out of her head, and also because of "The Butterfly Effect" ... sicne that also seems to be how things work around here.) That's one long explaination, but hey... it should cover everything.  You can still call it Kikkyou if you like.  XD  Just remember it's changed names, but not URLs.  :)

"Kikkyou"?  What's that?

Kikkyou is japanese for "Sunshine & Shadow", or "fortune". I was going for the first meaning, the duality and light and dark of life, but the second is what I strive for.  XD Er... don't we all?It's also the current subtitle to the site, the name having stuck around for over 2 years as the title.  In my heart, it's still my Kikkyou though.

What's with the "The Illusions of Paradise"/Monochromatic Butterfly thing?

The original site name was Memoria, but I changed it to Illusions of Paradise when I settled at my old host. Then it became Illusions of Paradise up unto a certain point where it changed to Kikkyou - and that stuck for a long time.  Illusions is also the name of a subsite featuring old art no longer on Kikkyou - it's not bad, but it's a reflection of my past - kind of the shadow. Monochromatic Butterfly was a site change name I eventually decided against.  Nice... but I can just change it.  I like Kikkyou too much still.

Can I use *insert pic here*?

Well... if its original, almost entirely no. Fanart - depends. I need a purpose and I'll want credit and a link.  If I catch you using something of mine without permission ... I will ask you to take it down or give me credit and a link.  If I see no action, I'll take it further up.  Don't try to claim my pics as your work either - if that's the case I won't even ask you - I'll go to a higher authority. Art theft/stealing is a dirty thing - learn to respect all artists and ask before using.  This site si not a clipart site for you to use freely for your own works.

The folloing have rights to use my art, as I've either contributed or been in contact with them: (user - Mintaka)
Jayde's Science Fiction Obsession (Star Ocean)

How did you make this?/Can you make me a site?

Time, effort. Software, because I'm too lazy to usually code the WHOLE thing by hand. A bit of learning to get php to work on a minimal scale, and copy/pasting too.  I don't do layouts for others.  So please, don't ask.

Kikkyou [15.0 :: Inspiration]

Kikkyou (All artwork, site design, and content not attributed to others) is copyright 2000-2004, D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be reused/receated without permission.